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Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a professional umbrella enterprise, with production bases such as umbrella, sun umbrella, raincoat poncho, umbrella accessories and equipment manufacturing. The company is headquartered at No. 978 Xixi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with 3500 employees. It has established party committees, trade unions and youth league committees, and established a staff congress system.

In the 35 years since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business philosophy of "innovation and innovation", and has experienced important development stages such as system reform, technological transformation, market integration, industrial layout adjustment and the second entrepreneurship, forming a unique business pattern and realizing the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. At present, it has reached an annual production capacity of 0.2 billion umbrellas, 0.15 billion sets of umbrella accessories and 20 million sets of raincoat ponchos.


The company has established research and development institutions such as Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, National Accredited Laboratory, China Umbrella R & D Center, and established a cooperation mechanism of industry, university and research. The company has a comprehensive technology innovation team and technology leader, has a strong technological innovation ability, in the production equipment development, intelligent production design, umbrella fabric finishing technology research, product development and intangible cultural heritage technology inheritance and other aspects of research and development capabilities have reached the international industry level.

The company implements performance management and strives to improve the quality of operation; attaches importance to environmental protection and environmental friendliness, strengthens energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and clean production; adheres to the construction of satisfactory projects to enhance the influence of Paradise brand; adheres to scientific and technological innovation and technology, and establishes a good public image of the enterprise, Paradise Umbrella has always won the vast consumer market of the country with excellent brands, innovative products and honest services.

The company's carefully cultivated paradise corporate culture combines the spirit of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese umbrella culture and Zhejiang business culture, and has become the driving force for building the paradise brand. The company has established the core values of paradise, fulfilled the main responsibility with high standards, strived to improve the ability of social contribution, realized the industry serving the country, played a leading role in the development of China's umbrella industry, and made positive contributions to the revitalization of national industry.

After 35 years of development, the company has strong core advantages in brand cultivation, technological innovation, enterprise management, market development, team building and intellectual property rights, and its business quality has always maintained its position in the industry. it has been ranked among the top ten enterprises in China's light industrial daily necessities industry for nine consecutive years, and has become a recognized excellent enterprise and excellent representative of China's umbrella industry.