1. Standing director unit of China Light Industry Federation

2. Vice Chairman of China Daily Miscellaneous Products Industry Association

3. National customer satisfaction enterprises

4, China's light industry quality and efficiency of advanced enterprises.

5, China's light industry enterprise information advanced unit.

6, the national standardization of good behavior pilot enterprises.

7. Credit Unit of China Consumer Association

8. "Five Batch" Key Key Enterprises in Zhejiang Province

9. Well-known firms in Zhejiang Province

10. Double Civilized Enterprises in Zhejiang Province

11. Zhejiang Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise

12, Zhejiang Province, industrial and commercial enterprises credit AAA contract and trustworthy units.

13, Zhejiang Province AAA tax credit enterprises.

14, enterprise credit rating AAA level.

15, Hangzhou industrial enterprise information application pilot enterprises.

16. Key industrial enterprises in Hangzhou

17. Top 100 Enterprises in Hangzhou

18. Large taxpayers in Hangzhou