Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Industry Group-Specialized Screen Printing Umbrella Surface Features: Foam Printing, Four-color Printing, Reflective Printing, High-precision Automatic Machine Printing, Luminous Printing, Hot Film Transfer Printing, Multi-color Screen Printing, Water Change Printing, etc.
The company has a screen printing base of 18000 square meters, 72 automatic screen printing machines and 2400 meters of manual platens. At present, the company prints more than 4500 million umbrellas every month, with more than 10 technicians specializing in design, pre-production and film production, 14 professionals in plate making and ink, and 450 employees. Perfect configuration, can efficiently and quickly complete the mass production of products, strong production capacity, first-class production line, to the greatest extent to meet your advertising umbrella custom umbrella needs.
personalized heat transfer printing equipment:
To meet the needs of small batch color printing customers. Can produce a variety of different advertising patterns.
Simulation printing:
The use of special screen color separation technology, combined with the spot color layer printing. The color of the pattern can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of customers.