Measures for the Administration of Investment Promotion through E-commerce Channels (for Trial Implementation)




In order to maintain the healthy and sustainable development of e-commerce channels, standardize the operation process of e-commerce and the relevant management requirements of e-commerce, this management method is specially formulated. Due to the rapid development of e-commerce, the management measures are time-sensitive, and the specific interpretation rights belong to the company.


Code of conduct for 1. e-commerce

1. Comply with the company's marketing policies and guidelines, follow the relevant regulations of the company's e-commerce management, and obey the company's supervision and guidance.

2, maintain the company's brand reputation and goodwill, do a good job.

3, the implementation of the "unified price limit of e-commerce channels" as the actual lowest transaction price of the store, do not fight price war.

Improve brand loyalty and not sell other brand products of the same category (rain gear) on the same platform.

Do not sell through unauthorized channels, and do not delegate e-commerce authorization to other third parties in any way.

6. Strictly implement the company's after-sales service policy.

7, to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of the content of the store advertising, not exaggerated, false propaganda


Measures for Inviting Investment for New Customers in 2. E-commerce Channels

1. Subject of Application

1.1. The applicant shall have the qualification of general taxpayer.

1.2, the applicant company needs to continue to operate for two years or more.

1.3, apply for the company's registered capital of 500000 yuan and above.

2. Conditions of application

2.1. The applicant must agree with the management philosophy of the Paradise brand, obey the relevant regulations of the company's e-commerce management, voluntarily accept the company's supervision and punishment, and have a good business reputation.

2.2. The applicant must be a professional e-commerce company or have a professional e-commerce team.

2.3. The applicant must have rich experience in online store operation, and the already operated stores must be ranked at the top of the category.

2.4, the applicant must have a certain financial strength, can achieve the company set sales targets.

2.5. The applicant shall pay a certain amount of market margin to the company.


3. Application Procedure

3.1. The applicant shall fill in the [Application Form] and submit a written application to the company, and provide the business license, tax registration certificate, general taxpayer qualification certificate, and a copy of the legal representative's ID card.

3.2. The sales department shall conduct qualification examination to fully understand the comprehensive situation of the applicant and assess whether the applicant has the qualification for e-commerce operation.

3.3. For applicants who meet the e-commerce qualification, the company signs an [e-commerce contract] with them to clarify the sales tasks and specific marketing rules.

3.4, the applicant to the company to pay a market deposit, the company issued a product sales authorization.

3.5, the applicant to the e-commerce platform to submit an application, and before opening the store design, pricing, promotion and other programs to the company for the record.


Responsibilities and Obligations of 3. E-commerce Customers

1. Comply with the relevant regulations of the company's e-commerce management, accept the unified supervision of the company, and strictly implement the agreement of the e-commerce contract.

2. Maintain the sales order of e-commerce products and special customized umbrellas, and do not disorderly price or wholesale.

3. Regularly provide the company with store-related sales data and market analysis data.

4, in the product and shop publicity, do not falsely promote product functions, characteristics and other content, does not cause damage to the company's brand and reputation.


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