1、Executive Director of China National Light Industry Council 
       2、Vice Chairman of China Household Necessities Industrial Association 
       3、National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise
          4、Advanced Quality and Cost-effective Enterprise in China Light Industry
       5、Advance Enterprise Informationization Unit of China Light Industry
       6、Pilot Enterprise of National Good Standardizing Practice
       7、Credit Unit of China Consumers' Association
       8、"A Group of Five" Key Enterprise of Zhejiang Province
       9、Zhejiang Well-known Firm
       10、Zhejiang Double-civilization Enterprise
       11、Zhejiang Creditability Demonstration Enterprise
       12、Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial AAA Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit  
       13、Zhejiang Class AAA Tax Enterprise  
       14、Class AAA Credit Enterprise  
       15、Hangzhou Industrial Informationization Application Pilot Enterprise  
       16、Hangzhou Key Industrial Enterprise
       17、Hangzhou Top 100 Enterprises
       18、Major Taxpayer of Hangzhou