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Trial Methods for “Paradise” Umbrella Franchisees

A Brand Introduction

1 Current Situations of Brand Development

As a leading enterprise in the domestic umbrella industry, the company took the lead in winning the honors of “Chinese Famous Brand” and “Chinese Famous Trademarks” for its “Paradise” brand, enjoying quite high reputation and influence in China. Now, its “Paradise” products have more than 100 varieties in different grades. It has an annual productivity of 0.1 billion of umbrellas and 20 million of raincoats. Meanwhile, with the improvement of the living standard of people, customers raise higher requirements for the life quality. The rising of “Paradise” umbrella franchise houses comply with people’s consumption demand. Its franchise houses offer richer products, more novel styles, and more thorough services to meet personalized and diversified requirements of customers. At present, the company has several hundreds of franchise houses throughout 26 provinces and municipalities at home. “Paradise” umbrella franchise houses gradually become a part of people’s daily life.

2 Brand Culture

For many years, the company has given priority to the establishment of brand. From the brand philosophy of “Rather Lose a Huge Sum of Money than Famous Brand” to “Create the Brand by High Quality, Occupy the Domestic and Overseas Market by the Credit”, its many years’ brand establishment has created current achievements. For the long time, the company has been firmly at the industrial leading position, also made outstanding contribution to the development of China umbrella-making industry and umbrella culture.

3 Brand Value

(1) As the genuine first brand in the umbrella-making industry of China, its “Paradise” umbrellas produce unshakable popularity and influence among customers. Generally speaking, the key to successful franchise houses is brand support, for customers are willing to pay more money to buy products and services of brand assurance.

(2) Company Examination and Verification. The company carries out unified qualification examination of all joining application.

(3) Signing Joining Intention. The company signs joining letters of intent with qualified applicants.

(4) Storefront Decoration. Franchise houses implement unified decoration under its guidance and supervision.

(5) Product Supply. Franchisees choose ordering ways in accordance with their own situations.

(6) Personnel Training. Business managers arrange training of product knowledge and basic skills of trade assistants.

(7) Company Filing. Franchise houses’ related documents are put on records and authorized in the company.

(8) Opening. The franchise houses choose a suitable opportunity and flexible promotion activity to open.

B What are responsibilities of “Paradise” umbrella franchise houses?

(1) Maintaining the good image of franchise houses, expanding their market influence, building up the brand image.

(2) The franchise houses should operate under supervision and guidance of the company, and do not sell other brand products in any form anytime.

(3) The franchise houses are not allowed to carry out sales activities out of the franchised scope, unfair competition at ultra-low price, and destruction of existing mature network of the company.

(4) According to requirements of customers, the franchise houses provide customers with reasonable suggestions, product collocation and after-sales service.

(5) Collecting, sorting out, and analyzing customers’ suggestions and proposals; collecting, sorting out and analyzing detailed information of products and other competitive products, and timely feeding back to relevant personnel of the company.

C At the current stage, what preferential policy can “Paradise” umbrella franchise houses share?

(1) Since the form of franchise houses is in the promotion period, the company does not charge joining fee in part of cities.

(2) The company provides new franchise houses with gate light box cloth, advertisement light box cloth, and other propaganda materials.

(3) The company will offer rich seasonable products (scarves, gloves, caps, etc.) to deal with their operation problems in the dull seasons.

(4) According to their specific situations, the company will offer rich preferential measures.

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