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Production Strength

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Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Group Silk-screen, the professional characteristic umbrella surface pattern printing: foam printing, four-color printing, reflection light printing, high-precision automatic machine printing, luminous printing, hot film transfer printing, characteristic multi-color suspended mesh printing and floating printing of various umbrella surfaces

The company has a screen printing base of 18,000 square meters, 72 automatic screen printer machines and a manual bedplate of 2,400 meters. At present, it has 450 people including more than 10 technicians in charge of design, pre-production and film output, and 14 people in charge of plate-making and printing ink. It has a monthly productivity of more than 45 million pieces of printing umbrella surfaces. With thorough configuration, it is capable of completing product production at high efficiency and speed. Its strong productivity and top-ranking production line meet requirements of customers in advertisement umbrellas and customizing umbrellas.

Personalized Heat Transfer Printing Equipment:

Personalized heat transfer printing equipment can meet customers’ requirements for small batches of color printing and is capable of making various advertisement patterns.

Emulation Printing:

Employing special suspended technology and color separation technology, and spot color layering printing; the pattern colors can be adjusted according to requirements of customers.



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