Custom Process
Custom Process

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信守承诺 服务优质

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信守承诺 服务优质

  1.Determining the product model and design printing team according to customers’ requirements on variety, specification, shell fabric, color, etc.;
2.After patterns are determined, customers should sign on the design drawings;
3.Sign contract. For small orders, the company arranges production after full payment. For major orders, customers should pay 30 percent of payment for goods generally;
4.Due to the product updating, there may have improvement on shell fabric, pattern and color, accessories and specification of your ordered products, and we will not make further notice for improvement. It should be subject to the finished product.
5.Since there are uncertainties about printing and manufacturing technologies (such as the color difference of shell fabrics, manufacturing electrolysis, printing ink color matching and scraping and printing), some color differences between delivered finished umbrellas and customers’ sealed sample umbrellas may be caused. Please make allowances for this;
6.After products pass the acceptance check, customers need to immediately pay the balance of orders.
7.For special requirements, both parties should make negotiation for settlement.
8.Group purchased advertisement umbrellas enjoy the same after-sales service as conventional products


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